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"No dwelling in all the world stirs the imagination like the Tipi of the Plains Indian. It is without a doubt one of the most picturesque of all the shelter and one of the most practical movable dwellings ever invented." 

~ from  "The Indian Tipi" by Reginald & Gladys Laubin

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Tipis: Pro Gallery
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Tent Features


Our Tipis are reinforced at every stress point of the Lodge (at the lift tab, the pole pockets, base of the smoke flaps, down the lacing pin flaps, around the door opening, and at the bottom of the entryway). The bottom of the Lodge is double-rolled (not just plain hemmed or cut extra long). Marbles and ties are included and placed in their correct locations at no extra charge. Smoke flap ropes are attached to the base of the smoke flaps at no extra charge. For your convenience, the Lodge is folded in a manner to prepare it for set up (all you have to do is lay it out, unroll, and raise it. No messing with unfolding and refolding).


The inner liner is a custom, one-piece liner with two extra panels that overlap the doorway from left-to-right, then right-to-left (this enables you to close off very tight at night or in cold weather). The liner is 72" high and double rolled all the way around (top edge, both sides and bottom edge). It also has an 8" turn in at the bottom. It ties directly to the poles at the top of the liner. The base of the liner has loops at each pole location (the poles are placed into these loops at the base of the liner). Securing the inner liner directly to the poles at both top and bottom enables you to get a more exact fit (YOUR POLES, YOUR LINER, AND YOUR COVER NOW WORK TOGETHER AS ONE UNIT).


The Ozan is designed with your comfort in mind. It centers on the lift pole and extends five poles to the left and five poles to the right, then tapers back to the point just behind where your fire should go. The center is raised up like an inverted cone. There are 20" flaps that fit between the poles and over the top of the liner allowing good seal off protection. This also channels any water between the outer skin and inner liner.


The door of the Lodge has three pole pockets which enable you to have a weighted door so it doesn't blow around on windy days. There is also a rain flap on the inside of the door that tucks between the poles and the outer cover. Rain that normally drips into the entryway is now re-routed to the base of the Lodge, keeping you much dryer.



Sizes listed will be shown as 10', 12', 14', 16', 18' and 20'. Please don't let that fool you; Our sizes run oversized compared to some others. Our 16' Tipi measures 18' front-to-back and 16'-4" side-to-side. Some may call this an 18' Tipi, but at Spring Valley Lodges, it is a 16' Tipi.


The corresponding chart and illustration indicate the approximate sizes relating to Spring Valley Lodge's Tipis.

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Here is what you get with a Spring Valley Lodges Tipi:

  • Cover double-rolled at bottom

  • Reinforced down front of outer shell

  • Bottom of entry reinforced

  • Base of smoke flaps reinforced

  • Smoke flap pockets reinforced

  • Smoke flap ropes attached

  • Marbles and ties attached in proper locations

  • Rain-proof door

  • Door has three pole pockets for stiffening

  • Folded for ready-to-go set up

  • Step-by-step written set up instructions with all dimensions included

  • Care sheet explaining how to care for the fabric

  • Optional Custom-designed one-piece liner and Ozan are available

Note~ All PRICES ARE “CANVAS ONLY”. YOU WILL NEED POLES, ROPES, AND STAKES TO SET UP YOUR LODGE. Here is where you can get your Tipi poles: Noisy Creek Adventures: Quality Tipi Poles

Please use the information below to describe the specifications of your desired product for a quote. 
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