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Notes on Camp Etiquette: About
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Notes on Camp Etiquette: Text
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Camp Etiquette

Thoughts From Fellow Campers

"Have more fun than you have ever had before." -Rita 

"If you visit someone's camp after dark, and you're having a good ole' time, remember not to leave your beer cans, wine bottles, favorite mug, jewelry, camp chairs, clothing & etc. Ok, jewelry is OK but the rest, take back home." -Glenn 

“Hang on to the Porto John door in the middle of the night and don’t let it slam.” -Jim F.

“When you are new to an event , find out if someone normally camps where you are going to set up.” -Ken

“When arriving to set up. Set up. And then get your vehicle out of camp. We're there to get away from modern things, not look at them all day. And night.” -Jim K. (extra note~ keep your cars out of camp until it is time to tear down at the end of the event.)

“Be mindful of your noise level at night, people might be trying to sleep!” -Samantha

“Please keep your food/ cooking items that are not historically correct out of site ( ketchup, mustard, cooking oil, chips, aluminum foil, plastic bread bag...)” -Kathleen

“Remember candle lanterns make puppet shows (See Photo Above) and
it's only canvas, we can hear you too." -Jennifer

"Take a light to the Porto Johns... (To make sure that no one made a mess and to be sure that you left it clean as well)" -Lori
"In addition to food/cooking items, please make an effort to cover up modern items like water containers, coolers, etc." -Meg
"For the safety of children,  don't let them run free like wild dogs and please feed them on a regular schedule." -Richard
"To expand on Richard's note, This applies to your dogs as well. No one wants to hear your barking dogs all weekend."

"Please stay off your phone in public." -Rita 
"Offer help where needed. Let new people know they are about to set up next to babies or dogs. or people who stay up late. Let them make the choice." -Rita
"No electric amplifier of music in camps. Instruments and the human voice are lovely without speaker feedback. We are not at a modern day concert." -Julie 
"If you have a camp dog please clean up after it." -Kat
"Even if you are not a Demonstrator, during public hours you should be ready to interact with the public and answer their questions, no matter how dumb they may seem.  Remember, we were all flatlanders once." -Eddie
"A tent tied shut is the same as a locked door on a house." -Cindy

"Don't pick up a gun or knife on a trade blanket without asking first." -Kathy 
"Don't start tearing down camp Sunday morning... pack up stuff inside the tent to help facilitate your leaving, but walking thru camp seeing cars being loaded or reenactors walking to parking lots loaded down with gear ruins the day for visitors touring your camp...." -Tom 

“You do not smoke in anyone's tent without permission.” -Patty 

"Leave a good impression- make sure visitors want to come back, welcome people with open arms, and spread the word so Rendezvous doesn't become a dying art." -Mysty

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