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Are you a vendor looking to protect your product? Or just maybe a camper that likes plenty of room? Spring Valley Lodges Marquees have more strengthening details and more reinforcements than any other on the market today.

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Marquees: Image
Marquees: Image
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Tent Features


The roof has a full ridge reinforcement. Both ends of the ridge, on a Hip Style, have large circular reinforcements and heavy webbing pull tabs to make insertion of the pins on the ridge easier, while double ties secure the ridge pole. A Center Pole roof has a minimum of 5 layers as well as heavy webbing and a steel ring to aid in supporting the roof on a single pole. A Trader Marquee has ridge reinforcements much like our wall tents. The angular slope of the roof has webbing sewn into the seams to help eliminate stretch that occurs when the fabric is cut at an angle. The edge of the roof has an inner weather flap and an outer flap. The standard outer flap edge is rolled and stitched. For an extra cost, this could be finished in the color and cut of your choice (straight is standard, scalloped cut is optional at an extra charge). Rings are set between the weather flap and the outer flap to give uniformity and flexibility, allowing you to place the opening in any location you would like.

Side Walls

All of the side wall seams run up and down and match the seams of the roof. This is called Seam Engineering and it is the best way that a tent should be made. The top of the walls have 2” seat belt webbing sewn between layers of fabric for strengthening and to help eliminate sag at the top. Clips are placed at the top of the walls giving optimum movement for door placement. Double tie tapes are placed half way up each wall panel allowing the option to have a half wall. These double ties also improve stability of the tent in high winds and add a visual aid for setting the walls square. The base of the walls have a non-split sod cloth (aka mud flap). The outside of the walls have poly stake loops. This allows you extra staking power when you see that bad weather coming. Unless specified by the customer, Four wide panels are added to give you a full panel overlap at each corner for better security and a much better weather seal. All end panels and overlap panels tie to the corner poles in three locations. The overlap panels are designed to wrap inside of the tent with the edges tying to the poles. All of the walls can be set up as full walls, half walls, detached walls, or utilized as an awning.


Ridge grommets are set in a minimum of four layers of fabric. Roof grommets are set at seams and are in five layers of fabric. The sod cloth also has grommets that are set in three layers of fabric. (All grommets also have at least one layer of vinyl that is sewn into the fabric so that it does not show).

Privacy Curtain

Privacy curtains are available and are designed to run from side-wall to side-wall on the inside of the Marquee. There is flexibility of placing the privacy curtain at any pole location in the tent.


Since we keep cut sheets on all of our Marquees, you can easily order an awning to compliment your Marquee.

Marquees: Text
parchment 10.jpg

Features you can expect with a Spring Valley Lodges Marquee:

  • Full inside weather flap

  • Full outside scalloped or square-cut edge flaps

  • Full ridge reinforcement

  • Double ties at ridge reinforcement to secure ridge pole

  • Security ties on all four corners of square cut edging

  • Ridge grommets set in four layers of canvas and a layer of 18 oz. reinforced vinyl

  • Roof grommets set at each seam in five layers of canvas and a layer of 18 oz. reinforced vinyl

  • Top of walls reinforced with 2” seat belt webbing sewn into canvas

  • Clips at top of wall Approximately 40” of overlap at each corner

  • Full sod cloth double-rolled at bottom with grommets set in three layers of canvas

  • Outside poly stake loops corresponding to inside grommets 

  • Double ties centered at each pole location on walls

  • Webbing sewn into seams on hip end for strength

  • Overlap at corners can be tied either inside or outside of tent

  • Walls designed to have flexibility to put entryway at any location you desire

  • Step-by-step written instructions with numbers of poles, stakes, and ropes needed

  • Care sheet explaining how to care for the fabric


Please use the information below to describe the specifications of your desired product for a quote. 
Prices only valid though 5/31/2024 Contact us for current pricing.


Interested in this product? Contact us for a quote or any questions you may have.

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