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Additional Services Offered

Canvas Repair Services

Canvas Tent products from Spring Valley Lodges, regardless of age, can likely be repaired. Many common problems are correctable or repairable. Take a few snapshots of your problem and describe it for us in an email at and we will do our best to help you extend the life of your quality Spring Valley Lodge. In many cases, we can also repair the products of others, so it can't hurt to ask!

Our repair fees are $50 per hour plus materials and shipping. We respectfully request that your canvas be as clean as possible (no leaves and grass) before shipping to us. This minimizes the clean up time after finishing your repairs and will reduce the cost of your repairs. We can offer up advice and products on how to make your own repairs if you'd like to do them yourself.

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Rebecca's Custom Made Historic Clothing

Rebecca earned her degree in fashion design from Brooks College, trained in Colonial Williamsburg, and has been sewing for countless people since she was a young teenager. If you are tired of that "off the rack" fit and are looking for something tailored to fit you, please contact Rebecca and let her know what you would like to have made. Purchasing your own fabric is encouraged and prices vary per project and materials. Allow 12 weeks for delivery.

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Ridge Pole Sleeve / Wedge Bracket

Made specifically for Spring Valley Lodges, these sleeves fit 2x4” lumber. Sleeve is 20-24” in length and is made of 14 gauge welded steel. It weighs only 4 pounds and can withstand very high loads. These sleeves can be used inside your tent or dining fly with ease. CHECK FOR AVAILABLITY.