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About Us

We are Jim and Rebecca Fairchild, the owners of Spring Valley Lodges. We have more than 50 years of customer service experience combined and our friendly, personal customer service will be the best you’ll ever receive, anywhere.​

Rebecca makes all of our small canvas items and period clothing. She has earned her degree in fashion design from Brooks College and has been sewing for countless people since she was a young teenager.

Jim is the main tentmaker and has been in on all facets of the residential construction industry, from swinging his hammer to customer service for major building suppliers and general contractors.​

We are re-enactors and have been for many, many years and might have even been your neighbors. We know how important it is to have equipment that will protect you from the elements, keep you warm in the winter, keep you dry on rainy days and will last you a long time under adverse conditions. Over the years we have camped in weather so cold that we had to sweep snow away from our lodge and it frosted up while breaking camp. We have also camped in weather so hot that you could hardly breathe and weather so wet that you had to wade through the mud all day long. We know how important it is to have a shelter that can withstand storms, (ice, snow, winds, rain and yes…mud). This is why we will build you nothing but the best shelter possible. You can depend on it.